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  • Printing

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You are the lead HR executive challenged with offering recruiting support to HR Managers in multiple plants or branch offices around the country. The managers need focused, professional attention and you need to maintain control and provide centralized reporting. Now is not the time to be adding headcount.

In recent years, many companies have reevaluated their recruiting strategy in order to trim costs and fill positions quickly. JPM Consulting can help your organization take control of its hard-to-fill recruiting needs and identify creative, customized solutions.


A recently promoted executive is not performing well and you are curious to know what other talent may be available. If you had the time and confidentiality wasn't an issue you might do it yourself. But you don't have time and confidentiality is critical.

Accomplished in the fields of manufacturing, financial services, customer products, publishing, technology, and marketing services.

You have an open senior level position. There is no need to retain a national search firm since the search is local and the pool is small, yet assigning the search to one of your less-experienced mid-level recruiters may not yield the best results.


A team approach and open communication style ensures the development of a clear vision and a solid strategy to attract and retain top talent.

A recent headquarters move has left multiple positions open. A few are senior level positions but most are in the hard-to-fill middle management range. Budget constraints prevent working with a retained firm and your internal staff can't manage the flow of resumes from multiple contingency firms.


Select only those services you need to create a plan suited specifically for your business and your immediate objectives.

You have a senior level opening that has yet to be announced internally. There are several obvious external candidates and two or three internal candidates who are likely to apply. To get a jump on the process, begin the search with an objective, external consultant who can best assess all of these candidates.


Fees are tied to the scope of the project, NOT to the percentage of a first year compensation.

The downturn in the market has meant staff reductions, including major cuts to your HR department. This is hopefully a temporary situation but the company still has recruiting needs.